Tuesday, 22 July 2014

if you are sure you want to make loans to banks?

This time I will discuss about a loan to the bank, perhaps for some readers of my posts already understand very well about a loan to the bank, this time for my discussion I will be more emphasis on individual a loan to the bank.

before you make application for a bank a loan to pay attention to a few points which I will present below, and if you already know about it.
  1. Are you sure you want to make a loan to the bank?
  2. Are you ready to risk if you can not pay it off?
  3. For what you do to a bank a loan?
  4. How important is that you need a loan?
  5. Do you have to plan carefully if your a loan?
  6. Are you already thinking of ways that you can pay installments smoothly?
  7. Are you already preparing for the worst (currently weak effort)

therefore you must apply
  1. Thinking before acting
  2. pray to god
  3. excited in the works
  4. develop your goals
  5. always honest
you need to remember if you make a loan at a bank other than your bebban relieve you for a while but you also will bear the burden of installments to the bank where not all banks can accept a late installment a loan, if you are late paying the a loan installments then you will receive interest on the a loan you take and the magnitude of the difference between banks and other banks.

Wise in making loan, wise in the use of loan, the money is not everything, the goods can be bought with money but not with happiness (2014, Est Vavivu)

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